About Us - Discover Comfort for your Skin

Born in Japan over 30 years ago, it all started with a dedication to researching the skin from a scientific standpoint.

Orbis - Scientific Research

It led us to the discovery that has become our philosophy ever since - just like every one of us has a unique personality, so does our skin - and activating the skin's natural powers and creating an environment in which it functions properly can bring about its beauty, providing effects now and into the future.

About Orbis - Philosophy

Our technology uses ever-evolving formulas and new skincare components, but never excessively supplies what the skin is already capable of creating on its own.

Besides being oil-free, our products only use ingredients that are necessary for the skin's needs and quality raw materials.

About Orbis - Skin Needs

That's not all. Whether you're looking to unwind at home after a busy day or you're getting ready to face a new day, whatever your lifestyle, our skincare is designed to provide comfort through minimalist routines that are easy to use, to continue, and to enjoy every day.

Because skincare should be something that makes life easier, so you can focus on what matters.